Member Intro: Pierre

Pierre is a social person who has considered living in a communal milieu for some time. Born in the early fifties, “when everything of consequence was invented”, he is a former high school teacher still involved in education by overseeing high school students transitioning to Algonquin College.

A passionate tinkerer, Pierre loves to spend time in his extensive workshop, building, fixing and feeding his soul by using his skills to make his environment more pleasant and functional.  Recently divorced and currently involved with a wonderful lady friend, he’s quite a decent cook and baker , loves cycling and Blues music and plays a “passionate” Backgammon game.

“I enjoy being with people and sharing food, the outdoors and various entertainments, but I need private space & time, too, so cohousing looks like a good fit for me.”

I think we should make Pierre wear this for all our outreach events!

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