Meet Us / Be Us

Meet Us


We try to have one social event (you can see examples of old events here) and one business meeting* each month, as well as various internal “circle” meetings & workshops.  There’s also the occasional (more frequent in summer) outreach event, if you’d like to meet us “incognito.”  

If Cohousing is of interest to you, we hope to see you soon!

(Or, If you’re feeling shy, you can get more info  or just follow our progress until you’ve gotten to know us a little.)

If Cohousing isn’t of interest to you, but you made it this far, please would you tell us what would change your mind?

* Business Meetings are open, so if you would like to come as our guest please rsvp to get the location.  You’ll be welcome to participate in the discussions, however in order to allow us to get through the agenda, we ask that you keep general questions until after the meeting, when we’ll be able to answer more fully.

Be Us

Potential Members:

  • Each new person who is interested in joining will have a buddy to support them: welcome, orient, and bring them up to date
  • A potential member may apply for membership after attending 4 meetings. This would include a minimum of 2 business meetings and 1 social gathering.


  • attend our meetings: members from outside of Ottawa are welcome and can participate through videoconferencing & email
  • participate in our email chain
  • agree with our goal of creating common housing
  • be a part of at least one circle  
  • if travelling, attempt to visit other cohousing communities
  • pay 30$ dues at the beginning of each quarter