Welcome to the new website of Concorde Cohousing.

Concorde Cohousing is a forming cohousing group in Ottawa Canada.

This website is currently under construction (Nov 2018) and we have just posted our first blog post!!!!!

The rest of the website (especially an “about us” page, will be filled out as soon as we can get it done. In the meantime use the Contact page to reach us, or come out to an event.


Concorde Cohousing (of Ottawa) welcomes your inquiries.

To get on our contacts mailing list please fill out the form at Mailchimp. This mailing list is used to keep all contacts informed about our upcoming meetings and events. Frequency of mailings is less than two emails per month.

To reach a person, either email info@concordecohousing.ca (monitored weekly) or phone either:

Anne Rogal:

Mary Huang: