Welcome to the website of Concorde Cohousing, an intentional community of private homes clustered around shared space that is forming in Ottawa Canada.

The goal of this site is to let you get to know us without being overwhelming…which means whatever you are looking for should be here, but might not be.

If you feel we’ve overlooked something or have any questions about our group, please get in touch so we can help.  Thanks!


Concorde Cohousing welcomes your inquiries by whatever mode you are most comfortable.  (Co-housing is all about building community, which we think means helping people be their most comfortable – literally!)

To reach a person you can

call       Jake      613-730-0366

text     Mary     613-294-4430

email                  info@concordecohousing.ca


or, come meet us


If you’d rather not talk to someone directly, you can get on our mailing list.  We promise less than two emails per month,  keeping contacts informed about upcoming meetings and events.

About Concorde

We are working to create a multi-generational cohousing community in Ottawa. We want to have units of different sizes on a site near public transit, grocery stores, parks and libraries.

We chose the name Concorde because the root of the word “concord” means “hearts together.” We are committed to the work of learning to live in harmony with each other, recognizing each person’s unique gifts while balancing the needs of individuals with the needs of the community. We want our neighbourhood to be sustainable, inclusive, and joyful.

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About Cohousing

Cohousing is “an intentional community of private homes clustered around shared space”.

Canadian Cohousing Network  has lists of books, audiovisual media, and other links in their “resources” section, as well as

Features of Cohousing

What is Cohousing?

Frequently Asked Questions

We refer you to their excellent work to learn more about Cohousing in general.

Livewell Cohousing  has an excellent name that hints at the goal of cohousing.   We have found their Bootcamp Manual an excellent tool as we attempt  “to design, build and finance [our] own community”


In Ottawa, Cohousing is

Terra Firma, on Drummond Street;

Convivium, in development for seniors;

& Concorde, the inter-generational community we’re forming!


Sadly, it is not ottawacohousing.ca, because that website was built for a specific partnership in Westboro, which did not work out. 

(9/10 cohousing communities in Canada don’t reach completion, so we need your help to beat those odds!)

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