About Concorde

Hello! We are working to create:

  • Multi-generational, respectful community in Ottawa.
  • Private units of different sizes on a site near public transit, grocery stores, parks and libraries.
  • Capacity to share things that are better shared: meals, yard work, guest rooms, books, toys, sorrows, joys, . . .
  • Close relationships between members

We value:

  • Community: Balancing individual and communal needs
  • Harmony: Encouraging cooperation, respect, plain speaking.
  • Inclusiveness: Including people of all ages, races and backgrounds.
  • Sustainability: In society, finances and our environment.
  • Joyfulness: Encouraging play, art, life, laughter & support.

Please Note:

This site offers only a general overview of Concorde.

For up to date information about what’s happening, check out (and follow!) our facebook page

For more information about us, our efforts, and our progress, you can read past newsletters   (And of course, sign up to get the latest.)

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Bonjour! Nous aimons utiliser le français dans nos interactions, mais nous ne sommes pas en mesure de maintenir un site web en français. Toutefois, nous avons une brochure français disponible ICI et serions ravis de collaborer avec vous dans l’une ou l’autre langue !

About Cohousing

A Cohousing Community is

…a purposeful community of private homes

…clustered around shared space

…formed through an egalitarian &  participatory process

…with an eye to neighborhood design.

Canadian Cohousing Network  has lists of books, audiovisual media, and other links in their “resources” section, as well as

Features of Cohousing

What is Cohousing?

Frequently Asked Questions

We refer you to their excellent work to learn more about Cohousing in general.

Livewell Cohousing  has an excellent name that hints at the goal of cohousing.   We have found their Bootcamp Manual an excellent tool as we attempt  “to design, build and finance [our] own community”


In Ottawa, Cohousing is

Terra Firma, in Old Ottawa East;

& Concorde, the inter-generational community we’re forming, which you can join!

Meet Us / Be Us

Meet Us:

Click the plus icon at the bottom of the above calendar to add us to your google calendar & find out about our upcoming events.  (Or follow us on facebook.)

We try to have one open social event and one business meeting* each month, as well as various internal “circle” meetings & workshops.  There’s also the occasional (more frequent in summer) outreach event or information session,  if you’d like to meet us “incognito.”

If Cohousing is of interest to you, we hope to see you soon!

(Or, If you’re feeling shy, you can get more info  or just follow our progress until you’ve gotten to know us a little.)

If Cohousing isn’t of interest to you, but you made it this far, please would you tell us what would change your mind?

* Business Meetings are open, (and these days, online) so if you would like to come please let us know & we’ll send the location (or link.)  You’ll be welcome to participate in the discussions, however in order to allow us to get through the agenda, we ask that you keep general questions until after the meeting, when we’ll be able to answer more fully.

Be Us

Potential Members:

  • Have a buddy to support them: welcome, orient, and bring them up to date
  • May apply for membership after attending 4 meetings. (This includes a minimum of 2 business meetings and 1 social gathering.)

Active Members:

  • attend our meetings (members from outside Ottawa welcome)
  • participate in our email chain / online discussions
  • agree with our goal for creating common housing
  • if travelling, attempt to visit other cohousing communities
  • pay dues of 10$ / month