2018’s Last Summer Social

On October 20th, several of our members and interested “explorers” went for a walk and talk at the future site of the Botanical Garden of Canada.

Canadensis, is, like us, still in the early stages, so it will be exciting to see how it progresses, as it was a wonderful place for a Concorde Social .  It lines up perfectly with one of the preferences our group first united upon:   Urban With Nearby Nature.  

That means that while we love to be surrounded by flowers and leaves and rivers and sheep…

Shameless plug: Canadensis is right across the street from the Agriculture Museum, which I use my kid as an excuse to visit so often the newspaper took this picture!

….we still want to live in the city, with public transportation, walkable  errands and the spectrum of cuisines and cultural activities associated with an urban setting.

So, as I said, the Canadensis walk was perfect for us: free, no car required,  (though admittedly, it’s a bit of a trek from the closest bus stop) beautiful nature. some cultural displays and a picnic.  (Because it wouldn’t be a Concorde event without Somebody Sharing Something Scrumptious!)

Unfortunately, since October isn’t actually summer,  the picnic was while we were standing and we didn’t get to put our toes in the grass.

Still, despite a drizzly grey morning, it turned into a beautiful day and it gave one of our members, Jake, a chance to tell us about helping to build Canadensis a sun structure earlier this year.  He said it was like putting an egg carton together in the sky.  That makes a bit more sense once you’ve seen a picture, but all I have is this picture of Jake.



I’m looking forward to checking on their progress and using the picnic shelter for a proper sit-down picnic next year.

Maybe you, dear reader, will join us?






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